We feel privileged in introducing BALAJI RADIONETWORKING as a rapidly expanding  Walky Talky service provider . we offer UHF (Vertel-Walky-Talky-Radio)(UHF Delta D36)VHF(MOTOROLA GP328) BALAJI RADIO NETWORKING offers you VertelWalky Talky Radio UHF wireless two-way radio – the right communication tool for the people who want to be connected with their other team members that are within a short range of each other. VertelWalky Talky Radio is compact walky-talky type radio that allows you to take quick decisions, get instant results and meet tight deadlines


Ideal for short-range, on-location use such as in factory premises, construction, restaurants, schools and for professionals such as indoor/outdoor ad-film makers, short-film makers, event managers, etc. Instant one-to-one or one-to-many communication Efficient and reliable communication tool Available with pre-programmed frequency (350mhz 390mhz 16 channel pre programmed frequency easy to use) A wide range of accessories to provide greater operational efficiency Easy walky-talky type operation Lower overall cost Hand set to Hand set (Conventional)   -1 to 2 Kms. We arrange all govt. clearances for our customers. Balaji Radio Networking arranges the Government Permission for its customers Permission is compulsory for using the walkie talkies in India. The permission is given within 8 weeks of submission of application to the WPC (Wireless Planning Commission).It can take up to 6 months in bordering states of Punjab, Tripura, Arunanchal, Assam, Meghalaya and J&K, as an additional clearance is required from the Home Ministry.

Calculation for the Annual License and Royalty Fees (Spectrum Charges)
For the first two radios it is Rs. 3,500. From the third radio onwards, it is Rs. 975. Example- for a total of four radios, the Spectrum charges payable per annum to the Dept. is Rs. 5450(3,500 + 2 X 975). if applicable base encress fee 30% extra per Radio. The customer can pay a “one- time” service charge of Rs. 8000/- to BALAJI RADIO NETWORKING for arranging the permission. The company also arranges the annual renewal of the License for its customers.